Mar 072015

So, I was thinking… I haven’t been given much sister love. It’s about time we give some. Today I have for you a contemporary young adult cover… or perhaps we can go for new adult. It’s rather genre unspecific.

Contemporary-Ethnic-Female-Cover-01I’d be interested in seeing a story written about her. Anyway… this one definitely calls for a trilogy. Rather than my typical Saturday posts, expect a couple more posts with this model throughout the week.

Jan 312015
Boy in Field

I tend to lean toward more girly covers. However, this time I thought I’d give a guy a spin.

Boy in Field

Once again, I’m putting efforts into the wraparound book covers. One thing I will say, it’s easier to modify a wraparound cover into an eBook cover than to try to rebuild an eBook cover into a wraparound cover.