Mar 072015

So, I was thinking… I haven’t been given much sister love. It’s about time we give some. Today I have for you a contemporary young adult cover… or perhaps we can go for new adult. It’s rather genre unspecific.

Contemporary-Ethnic-Female-Cover-01I’d be interested in seeing a story written about her. Anyway… this one definitely calls for a trilogy. Rather than my typical Saturday posts, expect a couple more posts with this model throughout the week.

Feb 212015

Early last year, I had an opportunity to take a class in Adobe Illustrator. It was pretty great. Prior to taking the class, I was quite leery of Illustrator and InDesign. For the most part, I’d been doing most of my work in Photoshop, including typeface.

What I learned from my Illustrator experience is Photoshop is the oddball out while InDesign and Illustrator have more similarities. Now, I’m not an expert after my Illustrator class, but I found it a valuable experience, which has allowed me to use Illustrator somewhat effectively. I’m hoping I can squeeze in time to take an InDesign course, cause I have to admit, that program still baffles me in many ways. Yet I know it’s the right tool for book covers and even putting together books.

Moving on… One of my favorite projects was trying to put together an advert. I have to be honest, I struggled with this assignment. In fact, I struggled so much, I tossed my original idea, which was quite tame… an advert for account software training. I decided to go for something a bit more racy….

Taking Charge-01Looking at this, I could picture it as a book cover. What do you think?