May 022015

I’m not normally into horror. In fact, I think I’ve only tried one horror like cover. However, I was really in the mood for some creepy trees. However, I felt like I needed something beyond the trees. Well, the house was more of an afterthought… something I needed to keep the trees company.

Buyer Beware-01

Looking at this, revives my muse a little. I’m thinking dark fantasy might be next on my list. Similar scene, but with a man as the feature image. What do you think?


Apr 222015

And continuing on with he Whimsical covers… Well, this is a bit less whimsical. It still has the faerie action going on. However, I look at this one and it promises action and darkness, where as the previous two were a bit more mystical and light. I don’t know. Though the style is similar and the model is the same… I can’t exactly say it’s a balanced set.

Depending on if time allows and motivation, I might try a 4th cover with this theme this week. We’ll see. I might just stave off a new cover for next Saturday instead.

Whimsical Wraparound Part 3

Photoshop Brushes

So once again, I’m using the photoshop brushes I picked up from¬†DAZ. Anyway… it’s really interesting how color schemes and different elements can really change the direction of a theme.

3D Graphic Design created with:

DAZ Studio 4 Pro