May 202015
Elemental Cover - Ice

Last but not least, we have ice. Originally, I wanted to make this water. However, Ice just seemed a bit bolder. Plus, Ice seems more like the opposite of Fire.Elemental Cover - IceI rather like this poses. There’s something about it that says, “Here I am! I’m confident enough to be me.” If you haven’t seen the other covers to this set, check them out. Fire is linked above. Here’s earth, and here’s wind.


Apr 132015

More skin, I say! More skin!

Erotic Arch Part 2-01

I have to say… I rather like the previous cover better though. I think there’s something about the pose that makes it more intimate… vulnerable, yet trusting. This one is nice also though. To me, it’s a bit move loving… tender and consoling. What do you think?

Mar 232015
The Mask Part 2

I’m rather enjoying these three-part covers. So, I’ve decided to continue with The Mask series. If you didn’t get an opportunity to check out the cover on Saturday, you can do it here. The changes to this cover is so slight, it’s almost hard for me to call them different covers. However, if you’re looking to stay with something very exact, this would do it. On the other hand, if you’re not looking for a series, but rather a particular cover that fits… have a few different choices can’t hurt.

The Mask Part 2

So… what do you think? Are these two covers distinct enough to work in a series? Or do they fit better as stand alone?

Stay tuned for the third cover in this series.

Mar 212015
The Mask

It’s been done before… the mask overlooking the city. The other night we were browsing through Netflix and the Phantom of the Opera popped up. So, I thought it would be nice to do one of those popular mask covers. Rather than the full opaque mask, I settled for a more intricate feminine style.

The Mask Cover Art-01

Mar 072015

So, I was thinking… I haven’t been given much sister love. It’s about time we give some. Today I have for you a contemporary young adult cover… or perhaps we can go for new adult. It’s rather genre unspecific.

Contemporary-Ethnic-Female-Cover-01I’d be interested in seeing a story written about her. Anyway… this one definitely calls for a trilogy. Rather than my typical Saturday posts, expect a couple more posts with this model throughout the week.

May 072014
Presentism Book 2

Presentism Book 2And the trilogy continues. Hopefully, I’m keeping the same feel. I wanted her dress to have a bit more personality this time around. When I envision trilogies, I think of the main character developing a stronger personality. Here I tried to portray it in her wardrobe. If you didn’t see the first cover in this trilogy, have a look. I have no idea what this gal is doing in the cover art, but I guess that’s not for me to figure out. I’ll just leave it up to the author to give this cover a story.

3D Graphic Design created with:

DAZ Studio 4 Pro