General Design Terms & Conditions

Purpose of Contract: This contract is between Reena Jacobs of Ciquette Media (“Artist”) and you (“Client”) for the purpose of designing and creating one (1)f Book Cover Design suitable for the Client, satisfactory to contracted party. To deliver finished art designs in digital image files of high enough quality to be used as a digital Ebook cover, printed on related print goods, and for web page display after being paid in full for the cover.

Payment: The Client agrees to pay the Artist all sums due, which may vary over the original Artist estimate depending on complexity, and any other disbursements (i.e. image bank art graphics). Fifty percent (50%) will be payable upon signing this Contract, with the balance of payment due within seven (7) business days of the Client approving the final Cover design. Payment will be made via PayPal. Final Cover in jpg and png format will be released to the Client after receipt of final payment.

Cancellation: The Client or Artist may cancel this contract at any time providing written notice to the other part. If either Client or Artist cancels a project before work has started, neither the Client or Artist is under further obligation to the other, and this contract will be considered cancelled. If the Client should stop or cancel a book cover design after work has started, the client agrees to forfeit 50% of the project total sum. This is to cover the resources and time taken during the project up to the point of cancellation. The Client will have no right to any mockups sent to the Client and agrees to destroy them.

Ownership: Upon receipt of full payment for the designs, copyrights for the one (1) completed cover will transfer to the Client. The Artist grants the Client the right to use the new cover design in all media useful for his/her business and waives the right to any future royalties associated with the Client’s books, which are the intellectual property of the Client. The Artist, however, retains the right to display the new Cover Image and Client’s name, the name(s) of his/her book(s), and his/her website address for testimonial and promotional purposes on the Artist’s website(s) and in any printed marketing endeavors. Also, the Artist retains all rights to concepts and preliminary work, even those incorporated into the final design.

Originality: The Artist affirms that the Cover Design is original and that the Artist owns the rights granted under this agreement, and that the rights granted do not conflict with any other agreement. The Client agrees that any material provided the Artist to be used in the design does not violate the copyright/trademark of any other entity.

Attribution: If the new cover(s) are displayed on the Client’s website(s) or in other media, the Artist requests a text link posted somewhere on the Client’s website, or associated media outlets, directing viewers to the Artist’s website denoting the Artist as the Cover Artist. The Artist may post a testimonial(s) from the Client on the Artist’s webite, or other media outlets, preferably with a link back to the Client’s website. The Artist will also have his/her name and associated media link(s) appear on the copyright page of all books, paper or electronic, for which the Artist’s Cover Art appears. Credit for Cover Design shall appear as “Cover design by Ciquette Media.”

Right to Modify/Additional Work (Alterations): The Client understands that he/she has no right to alter the Final Cover Designs in any way except to change their sizes for printing or digital display. If the Client desires any alterations, he/she will consult the Artist first, who will be allowed the first option to make alterations when possible. The Client does understand that additional payments may be required to make these alterations.

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