What payment methods do you accept?

At this time, we only invoice through PayPal. However, PayPal allows you to setup multiple payment methods, including credit card, debit card, and linking directly to your checking or saving account.

If I have my ISBN, may I have it added to my cover design?

Yes. Provide the ISBN code, and we’ll add the code to the cover.

May I have the source file/photoshop file to make my own modifications?

No. Only the copyright of the final cover and/or artwork is transferred to the author/client. Other than image resizing, Ciquette Media does not allow modifications to the original artwork without prior authorization. If you need modifications to the artwork for other purposes, please contact the artist.

How many copies of my book can I sell using the art you’ve provided?

Most covers allow the sell of an unlimited number of books. Covers which use royalty free stock photos typically have a limit of 250,000 copies per covers. For covers which have limitations due to stock photo usage, Ciquette Media will notify the author/client prior to invoicing.

May I reserve a cover?

Yes. Your initial 50% deposit will reserve a cover up to six months. The cover will be listed as SOLD on the website and not made available to anyone else during that six month period. If the cover has not been finalized within the 6-month period, the cover will be relisted as available for sell again. You may reserve covers more than once. A 50% deposit applies for each reservation.

What if I want to reserve a cover and have it removed from your website until my cover reveal?

At the request of the client, Ciquette Media will remove the cover from the website for a maximum of 6 months. Payment in full (100%) is due up front to cover the loss of marketing and exposure. If the cover has not been finalized after 6 months, the cover will be replaced on the website but listed as SOLD for an additional 6 months. This provides the client a total of 12 months to finalize the cover before it is made available for purchase again. While a cover can be reserved indefinitely, Ciquette Media will only remove a cover from the website for one 6-month period.

Why do you put limitations on reservations?

Ciquette Media believes the purpose of art is to be seen. The limitations are in place to increase exposure of the art created by Ciquette Media.

If I purchase a cover, will you sell it again?

The final covers are only sold once. This means, if you purchase a cover (regardless of if it is premade or custom), have the cover complete, and make the final payment, Ciquette Media will never sell that cover again. With that in mind, the initial 50% deposit will reserve a cover up to six months.

May I purchase a cover if my book isn’t finished?

Of course! If you already have the cover information (author and title) we can whip up an eBook right away. For a wraparound cover, we’ll need to know the page count, and that happens after you complete and format your book. Consider reserving a cover (details above). When you have the information, we’ll plug it in.

What if I don’t know the page count of my book?

That’s okay! You can still reserve a cover (details above). However, before we start work on your wraparound, we need the page count and dimensions. This means your book will need to be finished and formatted for print. If the dimensions or page count of your book changes after we start work, there will be an additional $10 charge to update your book to the new dimensions.

Who owns the copyright on the cover I purchase?

You, the client, owns the copyright on the final cover once full payment has been received. However, Ciquette Media retains the right to display the final cover image and your name, the name(s) of your book(s), and your website address for testimonial and promotional purposes on our website(s) and in any printed marketing endeavors. Also, Ciquette Media retains all rights to concepts and preliminary work, even those incorporated into the final design.

Will you modify a premade cover to suit my needs?

Yes and no. Premade covers are ready-made covers. Ciquette Media only changes the text (author name, title, back blurb) on premade covers. Changes to the size and font may be made to accommodate the cover and genre. If you’re looking for other modifications (model, photo, background, or anything not pertaining to the text), please consider purchasing a custom cover.

Premade Cover Terms & Conditions

Custom Cover Terms & Conditions

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