Rant: Where does the time go?

time fliesIt seems I’ve been slowing down quite a bit when it comes to the graphic design part of my life. There are a few items infringing on my art time. First, I’m taking two classes this semester. I took two classes last semester also. Yet for some reason, I managed them a bit better. Or perhaps, there is more work with these two classes. I don’t know… but I’m on overload trying to keep up these days.

Or maybe it’s not the school work. Maybe it’s my day job that’s really doing a number on my time. Even work is starting to filter into my home life. Even now, I’m thinking about the hours of work I need to do this weekend in preparation for Monday. ARGH! I hate working from home. Plus, I’ve had 2-3 early days each week for the past month or so… meetings, events, early morning traveling. Early mornings leave me exhausted at night… which further decrease my personal time.

Finally, I’ve been working on getting myself in better shape. Of all the things, this is probably the highlight. HOWEVER, it takes time to workout on a regular basis. And since I’m typically exhausted from a too long of a day at work, this just does me in.

All of it’s interconnected in a way. Too much work leaves less time at home for the things I want to do (workout, art, Korean dramas, and family time) and the things I need to do (school work). Not to mention, squeezing in time for meals.

I’ve got to reclaim my life from WORK. This month is that month. Thanks for listening to me rant.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest. I’m going to focus on getting at least 1 post in a week. Expect those posts to show up on Saturday… very similar to when I started posting again. I was a roll a while back and managing 3 posts a week. However, with the unwanted demands of life, I’m just too pooped to do much. Most days I’m poking my half-dead muse with a stick. 🙂

So! stay tuned.

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