Premade Wraparound Cover – In the Grass

I’ve shied away from wraparound covers in the past. Even though I’d read it’s not difficult to do, I didn’t want to take the time to research the dimensions when adding the spine. A few things changed my desire to learn.

Adobe Illustrator

Last Spring 2013, I took a class in Adobe Illustrator. I’ve had the program for a while but gave up on it rather quickly. Being it was an Adobe product, I figured it would work similarly to Adobe Photoshop. Boy was I wrong. I ended up with one of those, it’s not worth it moments.

Taking the class changed everything for me. Since learning Adobe Illustrator, I’ve had the opportunity to design posters, rack cards, flyers, invitations, etc for my day job. It’s pretty awesome to see my work on display here and there.

Adobe InDesign

As I was designing posters for work, the graphic designer gal in the marketing department encouraged me to use InDesign instead. She said Illustrator was more for illustrations, whereas InDesign was more for layout. So, the last few posters I’ve used InDesign. There are quite a few similarities between InDesign and Illustrator. More so than Photoshop and the others. I still don’t really have the hang of InDesign though. And to be honest, I’m not all that fond of how it works. I’m sure it’s because of my unfamiliarity with the program. I probably just need to do a few walkthrough tutorials.

Wraparound Cover Art

Anyway… my work with the various Adobe products has encouraged me to try out wraparound cover art. Up first is an unclassified piece. This cover makes me think prehistoric. However, my daughter said it looks more modern, but about a girl lost in the wilderness or something. What do you think?

Grass Girl

3D Graphic Art created with:

DAZ Studio 4 Pro

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