Premade Wraparound Book Cover – Whimsical Part 1

I’ve never been a faerie fan. However, I was hit with a bit of inspiration. Oddly enough, the inspiration had nothing to do with faeries. Rather, it had more to do with the usage of brushes.

Whimsical Wraparound

Photoshop Brushes

DAZ has quite a few artists who create brushes. I’ve picked up more than my fair share of them. However, I rarely use them. To be honest, I’m not highly skilled at putting them together to make anything really striking. I attempted to push myself this time around and ended up with the above background.

The muted colors made me think of faerie, so I whipped out DAZ studio and created an elf to go with it. So! There we have it.

3D Graphic Design created with:

DAZ Studio 4 Pro

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