Premade Wraparound Book Cover Design – Whimsical Part 2

A while back I did a faerie type cover. Though I’m not a big fan of reading the genre, I rather liked the idea of working with brushes. Well, I’ve decided to revisit the style this week.


Whimsical Wraparound Part 2

Photoshop Brushes

As I mentioned in a previous post, DAZ has quite a few artists who create brushes. I grab them, but I don’t always make use of them. And if I don’t use them, it’s hard to get see my money’s worth. Still… I love brushes.

Other than the different color palate and pose of my faerie, I tried to be a little different with the brushes also. Whereas the previous cover was very heavy with the brushes, I played a bit with the white space and tried to make this a little more open. So… here we have it!

3D Graphic Design created with:

DAZ Studio 4 Pro

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