Graphic Design: Ruined Family Photo

Last time I talked about participating in the weekly PC Challenge at DAZ and presented my unedited render. This time around, we’ll take a look at the photoshopped picture. I only made a few changes this time around. It only includes two additional photoshop layers. The first layer is a background of a picture frame, which I set to multiply. That layer gave the picture the dirty texture. The second layer is a duplicate of the same background. This time I left the layer as normal and simply used a mask to reveal the actual picture while leaving the frame.

Simple enough. 🙂 Like I said, it didn’t win the prize, but here it is. Stick around and I’ll show you how I integrated this render into another render.

Graphic Design: Spoiled Family Photo

Ruined Family Photo
Spoiled Family Photo framed and given a ruined look


3D Graphic Design created with:

DAZ Studio 4 Pro and Adobe Photoshop

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