Graphic Design: Babysitting Respite

Beyond the weekly PC Challenges, DAZ also offers monthly challenges which awards 3 winners twice a month. Last month, I submitted an entry for the second half of the month and earned second place. Have a look see at my entry! My entry didn’t include the author & title label I like to add to my eBook Cover Arts.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I promised to show how renders can be used within renders. My entry for the first half of the month does just that, using my weekly PC Challenge Entry.

What I Did

DAZ 3D offers a variety of content. In fact, everything in the room (bed, door, people, clothes etc) are individual pieces which can be positioned and modified. I had a western sketch in my arsenal that came with a frame. Using a layer mask in Adobe Photoshop, I modified the png file to substitute my Family Photo. And voila! I’ve got a new framed photo which is more appropriate for the overall picture.

Notice I used the same kids who are bouncing on the bed in the photo on the wall.

Because I was able to do the preliminary work in Adobe Photoshop, I was able to do a straight render for the entire picture.


The theme for this month was “Time for a Break!” Honestly, I have no idea where I pulled this particular idea from. However, I do know what it makes me think of… a middle-grade book series. Remember the Babysitter’s Club? Yes. I’m dating myself. I look at this piece and a modern series, featuring a couple of problem kids and their babysitter (or sister) come to mind.

Babysitting Respite 5x8

3D Graphic Design created with:

DAZ Studio 4 Pro and Adobe Photoshop

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