Cool Photo Effects – Premade eBook Cover: Dragon Sacrifice

I dabble… in a lot of things. There’s something about the creative process which drives me. Be it music, writing, art… really, it doesn’t matter. I just love creating. But like I said, I’m a dabbler. And as such, I learn things as I go along.

I don’t claim to be best at anything. How can I be when I have my fingers in so many pots? 🙂 What I do claim to be is a professional student. When I’m not in the classroom, tutorials are my teachers.

Cool Photo Effects Inspire

I have a habit of surfing through tutorials and recreating the arts of other people. Even better is when I find a tutorial which doubles as a source of inspiration. Today, I’m sharing one of those photoshop tutorials.

This particular tutorial is by Lorelei. You can visit her website to see exactly how she accomplished her Fantasy Art Photopshop Tutorial – Plasma in the Lake. Below is the end product of her tutorial.

Plasma Tutorial by Lorelei

Daz Studio to the Rescue

I saw this photo and thought power. True, this photo has a serene feel to it, but I saw potential bursting forth. No wistful dreaminess this time. Lorelei’s tutorial starts with finding a suitable photo.

My mind turned to Daz Studio. One of the issues with Daz Studio is it can have a rather cartoony feel. Unlike a photo of a real person, as used in the tutorial, the models in Daz don’t quite pass the inspection of human eyes. However, the program is so versatile, the models can be posed just about anyway. It’s an easy go-to if one doesn’t want to trudge through stockphotos. Plus, when it comes to high fantasy, realistic photos aren’t expected, which made Daz an acceptable solution.

By the time I closed the Daz program, I’d completed the entire scene (background, full-clothed model, and dragon). All that was left was to add the photo effects. I admit, I didn’t follow the tutorial exactly. Even so, the inspiration of Lorelei’s tutorial is in my finished design.

Dragon Sacrifice Cover

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