Apr 082015

So that fix I mentioned a couple of days ago. Like I said, I tend to gravitate toward covers that have an entire scene that wraps around from front to back. Because of the way I wanted the heads to be placed, I didn’t have that luxury unless I didn’t mind a funky look. This time around, I decided to add the bar down the spine, as you see below.

I am me wraparound-01

This allowed me to split up the cover a bit, while keeping the theme going on the front and back. I rather like it. I can see myself doing other books using this technique.

Apr 062015

So, I had this great idea for a wraparound cover. Or rather, I thought it was a great idea. But as we know, pretty much everything has been said and done. It’s more of a matter of putting your own flare to the old to make something new. So… my grand idea was something on the lines of a mirror image of a headshot. In the eBook Cover below, you get the idea.

I Am Me eBook-01

I struggled with getting the right part of the heads in the wraparound cover. I didn’t want the entire back of the heads in the cover… just the amount you see here. However, I really like the covers that have an entire scene that encompasses the entire cover (Front and Back). Unfortunately, it looked kind of funny having a portion of the head cover the spine and wraparound to the back… what to do? what to do?

Well, I’ll show you my fix around in the next couple of days. So stay tuned for my next post!

Feb 072015

I recently signed up for a writing workshop, hoping to revive my muse. The thing is, lately I’ve felt a bit substandard as a writer. I’ve read my previous works and have been pretty pleased with what I’ve produced. Lately, though… well, it seems like everything that comes out of my brain is crap. Uninspiring, dull, and just poorly written in general.

So… the facilitator of the workshop assigned us a bit of homework. Write a piece to share with the group. It should be no more than 1000 words. If it’s a short poem, bring two. Well, I’m no poetry… so I’ve decided to do either a short story or first chapter. Thing is… I didn’t know what to write. So what do I do?

Look through some writing prompts. After about 30 minutes of reading through prompts, I came across some about generation ships. I really liked the concept behind the ideas for generations ships, which led me to research space habitats. Next thing I knew, I had a rough idea (no story plot), but a beginning scene started to come together.

I started thinking about population and genetics on a space habitat, which put a picture in my head… I looked through my DAZ collection and came up with this!


Your thoughts?