Apr 252015
Little Runaway Wraparound Cover-01


I don’t know why I’ve been thinking about runaways. They’ve been on my mind though. Being a teen runaway seems so lonely. How bad does life have to get at home to push a kid to runaway. I imagine whatever experience would lead to a common distrust. No matter how many other kids or individuals a runaway comes across, would he/she ever really be able to develop a true trusting relationship? I don’t know. It’s hard enough to develop trusting relationships when life is “normal.” Well… my thoughts on runaway inspired the cover below.

Little Runaway Wraparound Cover-01

So, what about you? What kind of thoughts come to your mind when you think of runaways?


Jan 172015
Growing up Vampire

My oldest daughter has been visiting for a few days. She’s really into Japanese Anime. That being said, the last two she’s watched have been about vampires. It seems that vampires are born, not made in the Japanese anime. Hmmm… child vampires.

Growing up VampireThis cover makes me want to get back into writing. I’ve had so many ideas floating around in my head. However, I’m just not finding the drive to write about them. Oh well… guess those ideals will just have to live in covers. Ah… she has baby fangs!

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