Jun 132015
Witch Way

A while back, I read a book called The Wish List. There was something about the book… all sparkly and magically looking… that really grabbed my attention. Okay… so this isn’t a sparkly cover. However, it has a lightness to it (and not just because she’s flying on a broom) that reminds me of The Wish List.

Witch Way

May 302015
Interracial Couple

So here we have the last cover.
Interracial Couple 3-01

As I was making these covers, I noticed the black female/white male is quite popular in terms of cover art… and possibly even writings. In fact, when I did a search on interracial erotica, I noticed most of the covers were this combination. What I find odd about it, is growing up, I mostly saw black men/white or Asian women combinations, when it came to interracial couples. So it makes me wonder… are there more black female/white male couples out there than black men/white women couples? Is that why the genre seems more popular when doing a simple search? What says you?

May 232015

I’ve been playing with these covers on and off for quite a while. Like the last set (elemental covers), I’d considered and did use different models. Then I asked myself why I’d want to use different models. Typically, when I write Reena Jacobs (at least when I wrote in the past), I tend to use the same characters over and over. It’s just fun building a world. So, I switched the models to just one couple. Here we have it… the first design.

Interracial Couple 1-01

May 202015
Elemental Cover - Ice

Last but not least, we have ice. Originally, I wanted to make this water. However, Ice just seemed a bit bolder. Plus, Ice seems more like the opposite of Fire.Elemental Cover - IceI rather like this poses. There’s something about it that says, “Here I am! I’m confident enough to be me.” If you haven’t seen the other covers to this set, check them out. Fire is linked above. Here’s earth, and here’s wind.


May 162015
Elemental Cover - Fire

Sunsets, sunrises… There’s something special about them that is just too beautiful. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because it’s out of reach. It makes me wonder what’s over the horizon… Where is the sun disappearing to or where has it come from? Anyway… next up is the fire themed cover. If you missed the last two covers, check out wind and earth.
Elemental Cover - FireFans and flames. They seem so right together.


May 132015
Elemental Cover - Earth

Life is finally starting to slow down again, and I’m feeling a lot more focused and productive at work. 🙂 I took two classes this semester. With everything going on in life and at work, I think I hit my breaking point. It definitely affected my school situation. Not only did the stress cut into study and homework time, I became forgetful.

But like I said, I think I’m back on track again… at least getting there. I have one exam left this week, and I’m taking the summer off. I need a break. Okay… enough rambling. 🙂

Back to the series I’m working on. I know I said I’m going to just focus on Saturday posts, but like I said… I’m getting back on track. I found a bit of inspiration. So, here is earth.Elemental Cover - Earth

I decided to use different models with each cover in this series. It just seemed the right thing to do. When I think of different elements, I think of the personalities that go with them… and those personalities are all different… have a different feel.

I’m not sure what’s next. Fire, Ice… well, it’ll come this Saturday.

May 092015

I’ve wanted to do an elemental series for a long while. However, I just gotten around to starting them. What I have in mind is wind, fire, ice, and earth. Up first? Wind. 🙂
Elemental Cover - Wind-01What I like about this cover is the simplicity. I think because there’s not a lot happening in the cover, it provides an opportunity to focus on the important aspects of the scene… the woman with her hair upswept by the wind, the flock of birds in the background, and the sky breaking through the mist. I’m rather fond of this one.


May 022015

I’m not normally into horror. In fact, I think I’ve only tried one horror like cover. However, I was really in the mood for some creepy trees. However, I felt like I needed something beyond the trees. Well, the house was more of an afterthought… something I needed to keep the trees company.

Buyer Beware-01

Looking at this, revives my muse a little. I’m thinking dark fantasy might be next on my list. Similar scene, but with a man as the feature image. What do you think?


Apr 292015
time flies

time fliesIt seems I’ve been slowing down quite a bit when it comes to the graphic design part of my life. There are a few items infringing on my art time. First, I’m taking two classes this semester. I took two classes last semester also. Yet for some reason, I managed them a bit better. Or perhaps, there is more work with these two classes. I don’t know… but I’m on overload trying to keep up these days.

Or maybe it’s not the school work. Maybe it’s my day job that’s really doing a number on my time. Even work is starting to filter into my home life. Even now, I’m thinking about the hours of work I need to do this weekend in preparation for Monday. ARGH! I hate working from home. Plus, I’ve had 2-3 early days each week for the past month or so… meetings, events, early morning traveling. Early mornings leave me exhausted at night… which further decrease my personal time.

Finally, I’ve been working on getting myself in better shape. Of all the things, this is probably the highlight. HOWEVER, it takes time to workout on a regular basis. And since I’m typically exhausted from a too long of a day at work, this just does me in.

All of it’s interconnected in a way. Too much work leaves less time at home for the things I want to do (workout, art, Korean dramas, and family time) and the things I need to do (school work). Not to mention, squeezing in time for meals.

I’ve got to reclaim my life from WORK. This month is that month. Thanks for listening to me rant.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest. I’m going to focus on getting at least 1 post in a week. Expect those posts to show up on Saturday… very similar to when I started posting again. I was a roll a while back and managing 3 posts a week. However, with the unwanted demands of life, I’m just too pooped to do much. Most days I’m poking my half-dead muse with a stick. 🙂

So! stay tuned.

Apr 252015
Little Runaway Wraparound Cover-01


I don’t know why I’ve been thinking about runaways. They’ve been on my mind though. Being a teen runaway seems so lonely. How bad does life have to get at home to push a kid to runaway. I imagine whatever experience would lead to a common distrust. No matter how many other kids or individuals a runaway comes across, would he/she ever really be able to develop a true trusting relationship? I don’t know. It’s hard enough to develop trusting relationships when life is “normal.” Well… my thoughts on runaway inspired the cover below.

Little Runaway Wraparound Cover-01

So, what about you? What kind of thoughts come to your mind when you think of runaways?